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Danielle Patrice Bryant is a singer, songwriter, preacher, and college graduate. A native of Cumberland County, New Jersey, she attended Vineland Public Schools graduating at the top twenty percentile of her senior class. She is the worship leader at her local church, Christlike Ministries of Deliverance, Incorporated. Danielle’s musical background not only includes gospel, but such genres as jazz, classical, and opera. Danielle grew up singing in her local church choir and on praise and worship teams. She then moved on to singing in various school choruses like the Vineland High School Select Choir and Madrigal Singers. During her four years at Vineland Senior High, Danielle auditioned for the VHS Select Choir, and was selected to sing on the prestigious, award-winning chorus. Later that same year, Danielle also auditioned for the Madrigal group and was also selected. Her active participation in these choral groups allowed her to travel and sing at various country club events, school competitions, and holiday concerts. It is Danielle’s powerful, “churchy” tone that brings the church to listeners every time they hear her sing- almost placing them in the middle of a Sunday worship service.

    After her graduation, Danielle went on to pursue her college education, obtaining her Associate’s in Science in Criminal Justice at Cumberland County College. Still singing in her local church choir and praise and worship teams, Danielle furthered her education by also acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Justice Studies, graduating from Rowan University in May 2005.  In August 2008, Danielle graduated from Everest University, earning her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice as well. She is currently working towards her Doctorate degree in Public Policy Administration, specializing in Law and Public Policy, at Walden University.

    Danielle has had the opportunity to sing with gospel recording artists, Duranice Pace, June Pace-Martin, and Phyllis Pace, of The Anointed Pace Sisters. In June of 2010, God blessed Danielle with an opportunity to sing background at her first live recording, for Apostle Linda Henry. The concert also featured the renowned gospel legend, Dorothy Norwood. Danielle’s passion for singing comes from the inspiration and training of her mother, Apostle Darlene Bryant (of the Moreno Family, and also with “Louis Dix and the World’s Greatest”). To this day, Danielle is grateful for the afternoons her mother spent with her, teaching her vocal ranges, gospel hymns, and also instilling the word of God in her. In addition, Danielle thanks her youngest brother, Pastor Jerald Bryant, for his musical compositions and arrangements. Together, the two are a dynamic force, whether it’s through music or preaching God’s word. 

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